2015 News

2016 Pacific Coast Sectional FS Championships

November 17–21, 2015

Congratulations to our skaters who qualified and competed at the Pacific Coast Sectional Championships held in Los Angeles on November 17-21, 2015.

Juvenile Boys: Jonathan Ko (11), Dash Kamriani Beard (12)

Juvenile Dance: Jeffrey Chen (partner Layla Karnes) (1), Gianna Sasmore/Clayton Ramsey (5)

Juvenile Girls: Kate Qian (7), Anastasiya Chechentenko (11)

Intermediate Dance: Reena Wu/Leon Wu (3)

Intermediate Ladies: Vanessa Chen (4)

Intermediate Men: Ian Ramsey (9)

Novice Ladies: Lily Sun (8)

Junior Dance: Alina Efimova (partner Kyle MacMillan) (3)

Junior Men: Alain Sandraz (12)

Senior Ladies: Maria Yang (2)

In addition, Jeffrey Chen was awarded three Special Achievement Awards for his Juvenile Free Dance performance. Jeffrey and his partner scored the most points for their lifts and their twizzles and also achieved +2 GOES in at least one element.

While most of our club members competing at Sectionals attended Pacific Coast, two of our dancers went to Midwesterns held in Cleveland, Ohio. Congratulations to Sara Zhao, (partner, Howard Zhao), who placed 3rd in Intermediate Dance and Elliana Pogrebinsky (partner, Alex Benoit), who won the Gold medal in Junior Dance. Peninsula SC was also represented at Eastern Sectionals in Simsbury, CT, by Damian Dodge who took the Gold in Junior Dance (partner, Julia Biechler), and Cali Fujimoto (partner Nicholas Barsi-Rhyne), who placed 3rd in Senior Pairs.

Special congratulations and best of luck to Jeffrey Chen, Reena and Leon Wu, Vanessa Chen, Alina Efimova, Maria Yang, Sara Zhao, Elliana Pogrebinsky, Damian Dodge, Cali Fujimoto, Lorraine McNamara (Junior Dance, 2015 Jr. Grand Prix Gold medalist), Karen Chen and Polina Edmunds (2015 U.S. Championship Ladies medalists), as they head off to the 2016 National Figure Skating Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota!

2016 Central Pacific Regional FS Championships

October 3–5, 2015

The 2016 Central Pacific Regional FS Championships was hosted at Sharks Ice at San Jose. Congratulations to all the skaters who competed.

In Intermediate Ladies QR Group A, Morgan Young (4th), Melody Jing (5th), Derica Su (6th), Megan Yeh (7th) and Zoe Onderdonk (9th) competed.

In Intermediate Ladies QR Group B, Vanessa Chen (1st), Alexandria Yao (3rd), Allison Zheng (5th), Flora Peng (6th), Ysabel Li (8th), Jennifer Huang (9th) and Brandi Pang (12th) competed.

In Intermediate Ladies QR Group C, Alexia Oslob (13th) competed.

In Intermediate Ladies, Vanessa Chen placed third. Melody Jing finished 5th, Morgan Young 11th, Alexandria Yao 13th, and Derica Su 16th.

In Junior Ladies, Sarah Zhang finished 6th, Julie Suzuki 8th, Angela Case 9th, and Megan Stenman 11th.

In Junior Men, Alain Sandraz finished 4th.

In Juvenile Boys, Jonathan Ko finished 4th and Dash Kamriani Beard finished 6th.

In Juvenile Girls QR Group A, Erica Machida (1st), Anastasiya Chechetenko (2nd), Kate Qian (4th), Catherine Zheng (7th), Olivia Lan (9th), Kathy Lin (10th) and Momo Hlaing (13th) competed.

In Juvenile Girls QR Group B, Amanda Matson (11th) competed.

In Juvenile Girls QR Group C, Hallie Souh (2nd), Ava Stephens (3rd), and Ariana Lee (8th) competed.

In Juvenile Girls, Anastasiya Chechetenko won the silver medal and Kate Qian won the bronze medal. Erica Machida finished 5th, Hallie Souh 12th, and Ava Stephens 13th.

In Novice Ladies, Lily Sun won the silver medal. Erina Yamaguchi placed 5th and Elizabeth Ding placed 8th.

In Senior Ladies, Maria Yang captured the gold medal.

Special Achievement Awards—2016 Central Pacific Regional FS Championships

Congratulations to our skaters who were awarded Special Achievement Awards at the 2016 Central Pacific Regional FS Championships! These awards are given in the Juvenile, Intermediate and Novice free skates to the skater or skaters for the following categories: Skater with the most points for spins, skaters who achieved at least one jump element with bonus, skater with the most points for Skating Skills component, skater with the most points for Performance/Execution component, and skaters who achieved at least one +2 GOE or higher by any judge for any element.

Juvenile Girls (QR) Gr A:
Erica Machida, Anastasiya Chechetenko, Kate Qian, Olivia Lan, and Catherine Zheng

Juvenile Girls (QR) Gr C:
Ava Stephens, Hallie Souh, Ariana Lee

Juvenile Girls:
Erica Machida, Anastasiya Chechetenko, Hallie Souh, Kate Qian, Ava Stephens

Intermediate Ladies (QR) Gr A:
Melody Jing, Morgan Young, Megan Yeh, Derica Su

Intermediate Ladies (QR) Gr B:
Alexandria Yao, Vanessa Chen, Flora Peng, Ysabel Li, Allison Zheng

Intermediate Ladies:
Alexandria Yao, Morgan Young, Melody Jing, Vanessa Chen

Novice Ladies:
Erina Yamaguchi, Lily Sun, Elizabeth Ding

2016 Central Pacific Non-Qualifying Competition

The 2016 Central Pacific Non-Qualifying Competition was held at San Jose Sharks Ice on October 2-3, 2015. Congratulations to our skaters who competed in the free skating events!

Basic Skating 5 Gr A: Brielle Moon (1), Kyra Finch (3), Ethan Darnell (4)

Basic Skating 5 Gr B: Riya Arora (3)

Limited No Test Girls: Michelle Maydan (1)

Pre-Preliminary (no Axel) Girls Gr A: Maren Darnell (3), Samantha Teague (4), Naomi Harkey (5), Olivienne Kamriani Beard (7)

Pre-Preliminary (no Axel) Girls Gr B: Kelly O'Neal (1), Nyah Simpson (2),

Pre-Preliminary (no Axel) Girls Gr C: Esther Na (1), Chloe Moreno (6)

Pre-Preliminary (no Axel) Girls Gr D: Jenna Zarbis (3), Khushi Parikh (6)

Pre-Preliminary (w/Axel) Boys: Hayk Meghavoryan (1)

Pre-Preliminary (w/Axel) Girls Gr A: Allison Kim (1), Jenna Peysakhovich (5)

Pre-Preliminary (w/Axel) Girls Gr B: Chloe Sun (1), Michelle Phan (2), Katherine Ahn (4), Alexandra Lazareva (5), Kaia Chan (6)

Pre-Preliminary (w/Axel) Girls Gr C: Zoe Hartnett (2), Alisa Self (8)

Pre-Preliminary (w/Axel) Girls Gr D: Lili Sun (1), Sabrina Stone (5), Cherie Zhi (6)

Preliminary Boys: David Case (2)

Preliminary Girls Gr A: Alice Tao (4)

Preliminary Girls Gr B: Alvina Su (1), Alice Feng (2), Jenna Hauser (4), Miku Sato (6)

Preliminary Girls Gr C: Paige Dong (1), Nicole Zhi (2), Samantha Young (4), Emily Clinkscales (5)

Preliminary Girls Gr D:Vivienne Nguyen (2), Ivette Lipets (3), Miranda Rojas (4), Gyuri Kim (5)

Preliminary Girls Gr E: Isabella Smallcombe (3)

Pre-Juvenile Girls Gr A: Mayu Tayama (1), Lucy Qianshu Gong (7), Sofia Hofmann (10)

Pre-Juvenile Girls Gr B: Anastasia Likhareva (1), Tammy Amir (8)

Pre-Juvenile Girls Gr C: Malia Santo (1), Laura Li (2), Karen Li (5), Quynline Lam (10)

Open Juvenile Girls: Antonina Syrel (5)

ISU JGP Logrono 2015

September 30, 2015–October 4, 2015

Congratulations to Elliana Pogrebinsky and her partner Alex Benoit for winning the bronze medal in Junior Ice Dance.

National Solo Dance Series Final Competition

September 23-26, 2015

Seven Peninsula SC solo dancers attended the 2015 National Solo Dance Series Final Championships held in East Lansing, Michigan on September 23-26. To win a berth to this National event, these skaters competed in at least two series competitions and finished in the top six in our Section.

Congratulations to Michelle Yau, Angela Honda, Megan Vo, Jennifer Huang, Samantha Ramsey, Cindy Zihan Yang, and Sarah Zhang.

Michelle Yau competed in the Pre-Bronze Solo Dance event, placing 5th in her qualifying round and making it into the Championship Round where she finished 9th. Angela Honda skating in both Pre-Silver Solo Dance and Intermediate Combined Dance, placed 6th in Pre-Silver Solo Gr A and 6th in Intermediate Combined Gr B. Megan Vo placed 7th in Pre-Silver Solo Gr A and 7th in Intermediate Combined Gr B. Jennifer Huang entered Silver Solo Dance, finishing 6th in her group and Novice Combined Dance, where she placed 5th in her qualifying round and 9th in the Novice Combined Championship Round. Jennifer also skated in the Novice Shadow Dance with Samantha Ramsey, winning third place and a Bronze Medal. Samantha Ramsey also competed in the Junior Combined Dance, placing 7th in her qualifying group. In the Solo Gold Dance Gr B event, Cindy Zihan Yang placed 4th, earning a spot in the Championship Round where she finished 7th overall. Cindy also qualified for the Junior Combined Championship Round where she placed 6th. Sarah Zhang competed in the highest dance levels offered, International Solo Dance and Senior Combined Dance, where she not only won her qualifying rounds, but also the Gold Medal in both The International Solo Dance Championship Round and Senior Combined Championship Round. What a strong finish for Sarah, who also won the Marcella May Willis Memorial Trophy for her solo combined dance performance at Silver Spin and the Howard Taylor Memorial Trophy for the best dance performance at CCIA competition earlier this year.

Kudos to all who competed!

ISU JGP Copernicus Stars 2015

September 23–27, 2015

Congratulations to Lorraine McNamara and her partner Quinn Carpenter for taking the Gold Medal in Junior Ice Dance.

2015 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships

January 17–25, 2015

Congratulations to Karen Chen for winning the bronze medal and Polina Edmunds who placed fourth in Championship Ladies.

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