Connie Curry Skates in U.S. Adult FS Championships

Connie Curry, an adult competitive skater with the Peninsula Skating Club, is 77 years old and did not start ice skating until her 60th year. In April she will be skating two programs at the USFSA Adult Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Connie will also perform her free dance skate in the Opening Ceremonies with her coach and partner, John Dowding, to the tune of Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E”. Connie and her husband, Tom Lawrence, also plan to travel to the ISU Adult Skating Championships in Vancouver, B.C., this August.

When asked about why she loves skating, Connie says “Skating engages all of me ... my mind, body and spirit and requires me to live fully in the moment!! Skating is life affirming and joyful!!” Connie has always considered herself an athlete. She trained in ballet and has been a life long swimmer. Connie sees skating as a life time sport. "It’s great when you learn as a child but you can also learn as an adult. I would encourage every adult to give it a try." "Skating and my skating community inspire me everyday to only look forward to an even better performance and new skills!!”

On her upcoming trips to Ann Arbor and Vancouver Connie grins ... “I love to see all of my fellow skaters perform, especially the ones that are over 50!!

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