National Solo Dance Series Update

Peninsula SC would like to acknowledge our members who participated in the 2016 National Solo Dance Series. They are Reagan Harwood, Kaitlyn Hately, Mason Hately, Jenna Hauser, Angela Honda, Jennifer Huang, Jordynn Joines, Saara Lahtela, Amy Liu, Tasha Malcolm, Adrienne Page, Karen Pieper, Anugraha Pillai, Vered Polonsky, Samantha Ramsey, Gianna Sasmore, Peter Sasmore, Megan Stenman, Cia Varelas, Lovina Xiong, Sarah Zhang, and Cindy Zihan Yang. 
Qualifying for the 2016 National Solo Dance Finals to be held in Newark, DE, on September 7-10, are Amy, Angela, Anugraha, Cia, Gianna, Jennifer, Jordynn, Kaitlyn, Karen, Lovina, Mason, Peter, Reagan, Samantha, Sarah, and Tasha. We wish you the best of luck and hope you skate great!

From the photo gallery